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What’s coming up for Wagglebutt…

Hello True Believers! We have some very exciting things coming up in the very near future.
1st: Our Kickstarter looks like it’s gonna make it! So stay tuned for some good vampy fun.

2nd: Wee Girls/Game Night is just about ready to debut, Geek and Sundry…we’re coming for you!

Also Wondercon is coming up and we’ll be there in style so we’ll make sure to be vivible.
Thanks for reading and keep it here for more news.


Even closer…

After a finale meeting with our editor this past weekend, we are that much closer to the end. JJ and I are very excited and a little scared. This is finally getting real for us. I dream to bring about our production company and produce our own content is becoming a reality. Thanks for the patience, it will be justified.

Things are really heating up….

We here at the home offices of Wagglebutt are so busy we don’t even have time to brush our teeth (aren’t you glad this is the internet?). The web series is almost complete! I mean ready to show, ready to go complete and it looks amazing!
Please stay with us and watch for news on the Launch of Jules and Jess.